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dream, explore, create & craft progressive experiences
One artists journey


Architect, Designer, Digital Artist

Meet Grant:

experience in Design fields across europe & the united states

Unique Experiences create unique services

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HOW on earth?


Architecture, Graphics, digital art, acting, Events? A true artist finds his own journey, and what a journey Grant has undertaken. Arriving in Los Angeles after being brought over by a talent manager, Grant quickly realised the power of eventing in Los Angeles. Working with one of the first bespoke cocktail catering companies in the World, The Grand Bevy. He quickly found himself working on multi-million dollar events for the uber rich in Dallas, Texas and celebrities like Oprah & Steven Spielberg. 

After several years of working in the luxury event world, Grant realized that eventing is just like architecture. The planning, the design, the execution. In the past year he has developed new 3D visualization techniques that are used by Event planners to visually show their clients every detail .

Here's the Story People...


In 2009, Grant graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with a Post-Graduate degree in Architecture & the Arts. From an early age, he inspired to follow in his older brothers footsteps and become a great designer, but instead of focusing one field, Grant discovered he had many talents in various fields. 

With a skip & a hop, the next thing Grant knew he was living in New York City where he successfuly worked as an actor booking many theater shows and earned his living as a commercial actor. His everyday life revolved around succesful Bars situated in Manhattan. Today, Grant is living in Los Angeles with a diverse set of skills in Architecural Design, Graphic Design & Event Production.

What grant Believes


This business is a consultancy for Architects, designers, Event planners and the general public. Grant offers a 3D visualization service, a Graphic Design consultancy, an onsite Event production service & an online Digital Art store.

Grant believes that all these services all tie together to creating the ultimate artistic experience. His unique experience in Europe with leading architectural and Interior Design practices, tied in with his world travels and experiences provide an individual who really does have all the services for a lot of different companies.

Grant is a people person who wants to provide a service that cannot be rivalled, from creating unique and upgraded keynote & powerpoint presentations for clients, to beautiful visuals that can get the deal done.

How HE Works


Based on a per hour pay structure, Grant works on site at an event or in his office is carefully structured so the client can see an update hourly on the progress of projects. Whether you are an architecture firm or an Event planning service, the power of the digital office gives you the opportunity to check in on how your project is being worked. 

When on site, detailed preliminary reports are prepared along with a post-event report on everything that occured during the event. If you commision an artistic digital piece, a Facetime interview is required to begin the project so that any art commissioned is detailed to the highest degree from the beginning. 

Graphical art is a passion of his and he has developed a unique style of on screen painting in various computer programs. This unique style cannot be copied or duplicated as it is a style developed only by Grant. So take the time to get your greatest memories turned into a unique piece art for you and only you.

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